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Type of Scan
How Far Along?
Goal of Scan?
Let’s go!
Early Term
9-15 weeks
Provide peace of mind to mom and dad.
Late Term
37-40 weeks
Provide peace of mind to mom and dad.
Gender Determination
Scan: $99
DNA: $129
7-34 weeks
Determine if you’re having a boy or a girl.
23-31 weeks
Bond with your baby in full HD video!


“DNA gender” clients are offered a gender confirmation ultrasound at 15+ weeks for $59.00. (this has all the perks of the $99.00 gender ultrasound). 

“Early” clients are offered the $99.00 gender package for $79.00. 

Early, DNA, Gender, Economy, and Platinum clients are offered a Platinum scan for $129.00 

Bundle and save: The Platinum Select Bundle includes three visits starting at 9+ weeks for $249


Important notes:

Please review our policies before booking online. 

Enlightened 4D Imaging does not provide medical ultrasounds. You should receive a diagnostic ultrasound from your healthcare provider before booking an appointment with us.

Please be aware that your health insurance will not cover the cost of elective ultrasound.