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In Memoriam: Peek A Boo Boutique

In the business of elective ultrasounds, reliability and longevity matter. We at Enlightened 4D Imaging have been providing quality services for nearly 14 years, while many other facilities have come and gone. We strive to offer a high level of service and quality imaging that creates a lasting family tradition for our clients.

Peek A Boo Boutique, once a respected competitor, has unfortunately closed its doors. We were informed that the arrival of the Little Bellies franchise may have contributed to this unfortunate outcome. Peek A Boo Boutique was a high-quality operation that we respected. The owner, Tasha, worked diligently and prioritized her clients, delivering the best images possible. We had a good relationship, often referring clients to each other when the circumstances required. We regret their departure from the business.

Historically, other facilities in our area have also failed to maintain their operations:

  • Bella Angel – (closed)
  • Premier 3D – (closed)
  • Grand View 4D – (closed)

These closures highlight the importance of choosing a reliable, established provider for your ultrasound needs. Elective ultrasound businesses often face challenges that require hard work, ethical decisions, and a commitment to quality. Unfortunately, many new businesses take shortcuts and often resort to less than ethical tactics when things get tight.

As a result, the average operation lasts only 1-3 years before closing. This instability means that clients can’t establish a family tradition with these providers and risk losing their images and history when the business closes.

Why Choose Enlightened 4D Imaging?

At Enlightened 4D Imaging, we’re proud of our nearly 14-year history. We’re a reliable, established business committed to providing high-quality, ethical service to our clients. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Over 13 years of gender and 4D imaging experience.
  • We offer a written guarantee for gender determination scans.
  • We use advanced Level 3 imaging for 4D scans.
  • Our team includes medically trained staff, providing support from start to finish.
  • High-quality, professionally printed images.
  • We provide high-quality video of your entire scan and all images to your phone, computer, or tablet – easily shareable and backed up by us.
  • We are a locally owned, family-run business, deeply invested in your ultrasound experience.

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All images are sourced from publicly posted references on their own social media pages or given to us by clients who came to us to get better images and experience.