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We are a 100% family owned & operated business:

We are and will remain a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest level of service and quality possible, both in technology and personnel.

Jon, Owner and Ultrasound tech:  Certified in obstetric ultrasound and has worked in a professional capacity for the last 10 years.

Sheri, Owner: Has worked as a professional photographer and graphic design artist for 16 yrs. 

Adryan 23: Now off to college, we wish her well but she won't be around as much.

Ryan 22: Owns the candy machine you will see and helps with stocking and misc. tasks. He wants you to remember to bring quarters :) (a portion of all his profits goes to charity)

Taylor 19: Another off to college :-)

Riley 7: Is often around greeting our guests with a smile and a wave. She is an outgoing, happy little girl who loves people. (she also has a very funny picture of her peeing on daddy, hanging on the wall in our office) it's a must see for all who come visit us.

Ayden 5: Ayden is a delightful smiley little blond boy who definitely got his mom’s genes. He is currently focused on being spiderman, but sometimes batman, or a ninja. :-)

Additionally, you may find a grandma or two helping on busy days.

Because we are all family run, we understand how important this time is for you. We discuss regularly how important these sessions are to families and how we need to treat every session with the respect it deserves. We can’t always promise perfect results, but we can promise that we will spare no effort to see you are well cared for at our facility and by every member or our family. It’s our family name and reputation and so we will never take your moment with us lightly.


The Enlightened 4D Imaging & Photography Center

Enlightened 4D Imaging & Photography is conveniently located within minutes of the Mall of America and central twins cities! We are located 1 exit off the Mall of America to ensure our clients don't run into undo congestion due to busy shopping days.  Expectant parents who wish to view their unborn child will experience a three-dimensional ultrasound with real-time movement. By performing the ultrasound in 3D/4D color technology, the bonding experience that you will share will be an incredible one that you will carry with you for a lifetime!

Facility Information

At Enlightened 4D Imaging & Photography, we believe that a 3D/4D ultrasound is a wonderful way for families to bond even more with their unborn child. The experience will be very relaxing. It is set up in a quiet office space, where children and family members are welcome. We can comfortably seat invited guests in our viewing room and are happy to have them join in the fun!

We look forward to answering any questions you might have about 3D & 4D ultrasounds! If you need more information or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office and we'll schedule a time that is convenient for you!

We are now located near the Mall of America in the Elder Jones Building.

Enlightened 4D Imaging & Photography
1120 East 80th St. Suite #207
Bloomington, MN 55425

Telephone: (651) 829-9108
Email: info@enlightened4d.com

Appointment Hours:
10:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday
9:00am-5:00pm Saturday
Sunday appointments available upon request with a $40 surcharge.
Short notice appointments also accommodated whenever possible, just give us a call and we'll figure out a way to make it work. :-)

Phones are answered:
During business hours Mon-Sat.
All messages (Voice, Email, & texts) are sent to us regardless of when they are left, so please call anytime.
We can respond to messages even if they are after business hours.

(Our office phone system is web based, and can also receive text messages)

Map and Directions to our 4D Ultrasound Facility - Click here for Google Map Directions


Driving Directions: Basically just go to the Mall of America!! 


Western, NW, and SE Suburbs

494 East
Take exit 3 for County Rd 35/Portland Avetoward 12th Ave
Merge onto E 78th St
Turn right at 12th Ave S
Just drive a couple blocks and see the Elder Jones building just 1 block south past American Blvd.

Eastern, SE, & NE Suburbs

494 West
Take exit 3 for 12th Ave toward County Rd 35/Portland Ave
Turn left at 12th Ave S
Just drive a couple blocks and see the Elder Jones building just 1 block south past American Blvd.


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Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography is located in Bloomington, Minnesota and proudly serves the twin cities
communities. Please note that our 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women
who are under the care of a physician and have already had a diagnostic ultrasound. Please call our 3D / 4D facility
in Bloomington, Minnesota at (651) 829-9108 should you have any questions regarding 3D or 4D ultrasounds.

* Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography in Bloomington, Minnesota is an ELECTIVE ultrasound imaging facility.
We require that all mothers have documentation of their medical, diagnostic ultrasound. We do not perform medical ultrasounds.
However, if we are suspicious of a possible abnormality, your doctor will be notified.