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4D imaging

Actual 3D Ultrasound and 4D Ultrasound Images

When it comes to your baby, you deserve the Best!!

We are pleased to now offer 2nd Gen. HD ultrasound
Only available at Enlightened Imaging

Check out our latest baby blog 9 wks to 31-34 wks.

Let your eyes decide.

NEW!! 2nd Generation HD images. (see below)







E8 HD system

1st Generation HD images. (see below)











When is the best time?

*Although 4D ultrasound images can be obtained at any stage the best time is between 23-32 wks. We offer special packages for people who are earlier, and genders starting as early as 16wks!!. We also have special packages for moms who are past 34 wks as we tend to get either really amazing or slightly squished from 34 wks on. Please call for more information. *

The following images are from actual 3D/4D ultrasound sessions. You will enjoy the same view of your little one and even see full motion video of your unborn baby. Yawns, stretches, and even smiles are often captured in our 3D & 4D ultrasounds, and we look forward to sharing this incredible miracle with you as well!


Compare the old technology (below) to the new (above).

Here are pictures done with the industry standard Voluson 730 Expert, we used to think they looked great. However, once you see the difference with the New E8 HD system there is really no comparison! Be sure you see your baby with the best clarity available and only at Enlightened 4D Imaging!!!

 "Others" would like to blame low quality pictures on moms for not drinking enough fluid. Our scans show that it's quality of equipment & technician that make the difference not fluid. 




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Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography is located in Bloomington, Minnesota and proudly serves the twin cities
communities. Please note that our 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women
who are under the care of a physician and have already had a diagnostic ultrasound. Please call our 3D / 4D facility
in Bloomington, Minnesota at (651) 829-9108 should you have any questions regarding 3D or 4D ultrasounds.

* Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography in Bloomington, Minnesota is an ELECTIVE ultrasound imaging facility.
We require that all mothers have documentation of their medical, diagnostic ultrasound. We do not perform medical ultrasounds.
However, if we are suspicious of a possible abnormality, your doctor will be notified.